On SQWK nobody knows your name

The Anonymous Customer Feedback App.

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1. How do I post a SQWK

Simply tap on your location on the map screen and a new white pin will appear. Tap the white pin to enter your SQWK

2. Can I respond to someone else’s SQWK?

Yes. Simply click on any SQWK and you will be able to respond by commenting, slapping it down or placing a star. You can ‘slap’ or ‘star’ as many times as you like. Show them how you really feel!

3. What do the various pin colors represent?

A blue SQWK indicates one that you have not viewed yet. It will turn yellow once you have tapped on and viewed. A red SQWK indicates a SQWK that may be offensive or abusive.

4. How do I report an abusive SQWK?

If you tap on a SQWK that is offensive or abusive – within the SQWK detail frame you can click on ‘Report Abuse’ and submit a comment. The SQWK will turn Red and will be reviewed by our admin team.

5. Do SQWK record my personal information No.

The only information captured relates to your Geo-location at the time of the post and any information you choose to provide within your SQWK. It is up to you how much info you choose to divulge.

6. How am I notified if someone responds to my SQWK?

SQWK notifications are via the Bell icon in the top menu bar.

7. Do I need to be at a specific location to post a SQWK?

No. You can SQWK about any location in the world.

8. Can I filter the SQWKs displayed on the map view?

Yes, either by entering a keyword in the search bar or by tapping the ‘pin’ icon on the top left of the screen. This option cycles between all types, new SQWKs, New and viewed, or abusive only.

9. Can I post images in a SQWK?

Yes, you have the option to upload an image with each SQWK.

10. Can I search on a specific address?

Yes, you can enter an address in the search bar and you will be directed to the location on the map.